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Integral-Field Spectrograph

Giant Magellan Telescope Integral-Field Spectrograph (GMTIFS)
The Integral-Field Spectrograph will provide a quantum leap in high spatial resolution spectroscopy. It will target the physics of galaxy assembly and the complex molecular soup of galaxy evolution, including blackholes and the reionization of the universe. The Integral-Field Spectrograph is a diffraction-limited imager operating across the YJHK bands. It will be the third scientific instrument installed on the Giant Magellan Telescope and will be the telescope’s first Adaptive Optics instrument.


The GMTIFS is being developed by astronomer Rob Sharp from the Australian National University

Science Goals

  • Young stars: star and planet formation processes
  • Nearby galaxies: chemical enrichment history
  • First galaxies: structure and assembly
  • Massive black holes: masses and physics of galaxy nuclei
  • Gamma ray bursts: intergalactic medium at z~7

Technical Specifications

Spectral resolutions:
5,000 and 10,000
Wavelength range:
0.9 – 2.5 μm
Spatial resolution (IFU):
6, 12, 25, or 50 mas
Field of view (IFU):
ranging from 0.5”x0.25” to 4”x2”
Spatial resolution (Imager):
0.005 arcsec/pix
Field of view (Imager):
20 x 20 arcsec
For a full list of technical specifications, refer to our Science Book

Additional Resources

More detailed information can be found on Australian National University GMTIFS page
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GMTIFS: cryogenic rotary mechanisms for the GMT Integral-Field Spectrograph Hart, J. et al. | Proc. SPIE, 2016, 9912, 991264
The GMT integral-field spectrograph (GMTIFS) conceptual design McGregor, P. J., Bloxham, G. J., Boz, R., Davies, J., Doolan, M. C., Ellis, M., Hart, J., Nielsen, J. J., Parcell, S., Sharp, R. G. and Stevanovic, D | Proc. SPIE 8446 (2012)
GMTIFS: The Giant Magellan Telescope integral fields spectrograph and imager Sharp, R., et al. | Proc. SPIE, 2016, 9908, 99081Y

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